Rally for the manifesto

We are uniting to campaign for five policy pledges for the next Conservative manifesto.

  1. Replace Labour’s European rights and equalities laws with a new British framework for rights and freedoms.
  2. Cut taxes for families, small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Reduce immigration by halving the number of visas awarded to migrant workers, foreign students, and their families.
  4. Stop students who fail their A-levels from getting taxpayer-funded loans to attend university, and invest in apprenticeships instead.
  5. Ban gender ideology in schools and ensure parents’ rights to oversee the Sex Education their children receive.

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Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The New Conservatives Tax Plan for Families and Small Businesses

Conservatism needs to return to its belief in low and simple taxation that trusts working people with the management of their own money. We should be deeply uncomfortable with the tax burden as it currently stands. We owe it to those who voted for us in 2019 to lower taxes and grow the economy. 

We believe that hard work should pay, and work should always be incentivised and rewarded. The tax system should encourage entrepreneurship and family life, helping people get ahead and build their lives. The British public should be trusted to spend their hard-earned money more wisely than the Government would – the more they keep of their own salary, the better. 

That is why we are suggesting reforms that will make life better for hard-working people on ordinary incomes across the country. We hope to see a tax system that treats families fairly and no longer penalises one-income households. And we want to allow businesses to grow to a reasonable size before they are stymied by a considerable additional burden of tax. 

Helping Britain’s tradespeople, entrepreneurs and hard-working families should be the guiding principle for our tax policies so that, under a Conservative government, hard work always pays. By lowering the tax burden we can hope to preserve the national coalition that emerged from the realignment of British politics after 2016, and help make Britain a fairer and more prosperous place.

The New Conservatives Plan To Upskill Britain

Education holds a very special place in the Conservative mission to encourage and reward aspiration and to achieve the levelling up agenda. Getting the right skills and good qualifications can make all the difference in helping people to climb the ladder of opportunity. 

But ever since Labour’s push for half of the population to attend university, resources have been disproportionately directed to a university sector that offers inadequate courses to too many young people. At the same time, high-quality technical and vocational education has been under-valued, leading to a skills shortage across the UK. We have relied on cheap immigration to fill our skills gaps, rather than investing in quality technical training for Britain’s young people. 

We need to rectify the funding imbalance that exists between the bloated university sector and neglected high-level technical education. Too many universities currently benefit from students taking out loans for degrees that lead to poor outcomes after graduation, and too many young people are sold the false hope that a university degree will lead to a good career. 

This plan sets out ways to redirect funding from poor quality university courses and towards upskilling the country through investment in quality technical training in collaboration with local businesses. This will transform skills education, boost local economies, and help end Britain’s addiction to cheap foreign labour. 

The New Conservatives Plan To Cut Migration

In 2019, we won our biggest majority in 30 years by promising a new political settlement for a post-Brexit Britain. We won with a manifesto that promised that there would be “fewer lower-skilled migrants and overall numbers will come down. And we will ensure that the British people are always in control”. Voters across traditional Conservative heartland seats and new Red Wall seats alike placed their trust in us to keep our word. 

It’s time for us to honour that promise. 

Last year net migration stood at 606,000. We are now very far from our pledge to get the numbers below the 2019 level of 226,000. This plan sets out how we can meet our pledge.

  1. Close the temporary schemes that grant eligibility for worker visas to ‘care workers’ and ‘senior care workers’
  2. Raise the main skilled work visa salary threshold
  3. Extend the closure of the student dependent route
  4. Close the Graduate Route to students
  5. Reserve university Study Visas for the brightest international students
  6. Continue to monitor the reduction in visa applications under the Humanitarian schemes
  7. Rapidly implement the provisions of the Illegal Migration Bill
  8. Cap the number of refugees legally accepted for resettlement in the UK
  9. Raise the minimum combined income threshold for sponsoring a spouse and raise the minimum language requirement
  10. Cap the amount of social housing that Councils can give to non-UK nationals

The New Conservatives Plan to Cut Crime

The Conservative Party has long prided itself on
being the party of law and order. Freedom of the
individual and the bonds of community cannot be
realised without the fundamental security
provided by the state. Policing is essential to
ensuring society can be both free and secure.

There is a clear argument to be made that British
policing is itself in need of reform. Of course,
crime has a range of causes, of which many are
beyond the control of the police. The criminal
justice system’s shortcomings, especially around
convictions and sentencing, must be addressed to
deliver better policing.

To truly get tough on crime, we have to be tough on police reform. The New Conservatives ten-point Plan to Cut Crime sets out exactly that.