We are uniting to campaign for five policy pledges for the next Conservative manifesto.

  1. Replace Labour’s European rights and equalities laws with a new British framework for rights and freedoms.
  2. Cut taxes for families, small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Reduce immigration by halving the number of visas awarded to migrant workers, foreign students, and their families.
  4. Stop students who fail their A-levels from getting taxpayer-funded loans to attend university, and invest in apprenticeships instead.
  5. Ban gender ideology in schools and ensure parents’ rights to oversee the Sex Education their children receive.

Sir Jake Berry MP
Paul Bristow MP
Sir Bill Cash MP
Miriam Cates MP
Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP
Nick Fletcher MP
Jonathan Gullis MP
Sir John Hayes MP
Tom Hunt MP
Danny Kruger MP
Lia Nici MP
Dame Priti Patel MP
Sir John Redwood MP
Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The policy pledges have been tested and we know they’re popular: